Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Excuse my ugly hand..There is not enough time or photoshop in this world to make that look pretty...anyways...I'm obsessing over accessories right now particularly cuffs..I got these bad boys from a really cool accessories shop on South Clerk Street in Edinburgh. I can't for the life of me remember the name so if anyone else does let me know. They sell loads of really cool tribal jewelry and all sorts of goodies.

all rings bought at Topman

 I'm also glad to see there is A LOT of choice for guys in the accessories department, in high end and high street. Below are a few of my favorites on the go just now. Let me know what you guys think Riley <3 xoxo

a Emanuelle Bicocchi onice pearl silver ring   b River Island grey metal wired ring   c rockit gold knuckle duster ring   d Alchemy Gothic heaven and hell nimbus ring   e rokit double finger checkerboard ring   f yahn adam ribcage ring  g Yahn Adam skull winged ring   h OBEY the 25 hour ring



  1. awesome, man!

  2. This is awesome! Bunch of accessories! Keep up :)