Sunday, 20 March 2011

There's nothing the matter with my face. I got character!

Set in the 1950's "Cry Baby" is easily one of the most popular and talked about cult classics of the 90's...The "Trainspotting" of the musical world won't go away quietly as D&G shows us in their latest collection of tees.

From left:

D&G Johnny Depp Cry Baby Tank @ £95
Raw Power Depp Tee @ £35 Topman
D&G Jonny Cry Baby T-shirt @ £85

Here is some inspiration for you to find your inner "GREASER"

To get that 50's hair, lift the roots with the help of the best mens hair styling products such as gel or texturizing paste or you can also use wax for more support. Use a tail comb and brush the locks upwards for a textbook greaser do. Use some hair spray if you wish to ensure the long-lasting effect of your do especially if you have to face some harsh weather conditions. You can also use blow dryer to achieve a more natural looking and less wet impression to your hairdo.

So here we have a basic 50's menswear look....there are loads of variations of these garments online, but I just picked the ones I liked best and put them together...LOVING these Levis..all you need to do is roll them up and show off a sneaky peek of those white socks...empty a lot of brylcreem in your hair and you're ready to join the OUTSIDERS .... WHOOP!

A. Salon Performance Tail Comb @ £2.30
B. Nudie Jeans Johnny Leather Jacket @ £199.99
C.Crew Neck Tee @ £3.99
D.Jeffery West Black Line Brogued Loafers @ £135.00
E.White Socks Pack Of 5 @ £2.99
F.Levi's 501 Light Broken In Straight Jeans @ £70.00
G.# Brylcreem Original Red Pot Styling Cream
@ £1.99

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